IEEE Princeton/Central New Jersey Section History

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The Princeton section of the Institute of Radio Engineers first met on Thursday, 9 October 1947, in Princeton University's Frick Chemical Laboratory auditorium. The first speaker was RCA consultant and founding editor of the Proceedings of the IRE, Dr. Alfred Goldsmith. His presence was not that surprising; he lived in New York City and had been consulting for RCA ever since stepping down as its first director of research. His subject that night was "Surprises on [sic] Atomic Energy Development," an appropriate topic as President Harry S. Truman had signed off on the creation of the civilian Atomic Energy Commission at the beginning of the year for research and promotion of nuclear energy and technologies. By the end of 1947 the AEC had licensed 25 institutions, iincluding six Veterans Administration hospitals for nuclear medicine research, to receive radioisotopes from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory reactors.


"University Notices," Daily Princetonian, 8 October 1947, p. 4.

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