IEEE North Saskatchewan Section History

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Section History

In 1956 the Regina IEEE section was formed as the first IEEE section for all of Saskatchewan. This section’s name was changed to the Saskatchewan section in 1973 to represent the sections provincial wide membership. The section covered the entire province until August 23, 1985 when the large geographic size and member base justified splitting into the North and South Saskatchewan Sections. At that time Saskatoon became the home base of the North Saskatchewan Section (NSS).

One of the gems of the North Saskatchewan Section is its student branch, based at the University of Saskatchewan. Notable achievements include the student branch’s philanthropic donations to charity, through events like the High Voltage Classic 32-hour road hockey tournament which has raised over half a million dollars for local Saskatoon charities. The student branch has also hosted a soft skills conference specifically for students since 2003. Many past students are now leaders within the section.

The first NSS chapter formed was the Computer Chapter on November 19, 1993. Additionally the section formed an Industrial Applications and Power Engineering joint Chapter on June 1, 2005. Despite a small lapse in activities by the Computer Chapter for a number of years, both chapters are an active and dynamic part of the section today.

The section also initiated a GOLD affinity group on September 21, 2004, and a WIE affinity group on March 12, 2007. Both GOLD and WIE, although new, are actively serving the section and meeting the needs of members.

The North Saskatchewan has shown its strength as a small section in Region 7, Canada by winning the small section award in 2007. Prominent IEEE members also bring accolades to our section through their achievements, like Roy Billinton who was awarded the IEEE GOLD medal for his work in power system reliability.

The North Saskatchewan Section, like the economy of Saskatchewan is looking strong, vibrant and ready for growth.