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*Treasurer, Marray Johns.<br><br>
*Treasurer, Marray Johns.<br><br>
[[Category:IEEE]] [[Category:Geographical_units]] [[Category:Councils]]<br />[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit-New_Zealand_Council_R10-_Organizing_Document.pdf|IEEE_Geographic_Unit-New_Zealand_Council_R10-_Organizing_Document.pdf]]
  <br />[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit-New_Zealand_Council_R10-_Organizing_Document.pdf|IEEE_Geographic_Unit-New_Zealand_Council_R10-_Organizing_Document.pdf]]
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In 1980 approval was granted by the IEEE Region 10 Committee for the establishment of a Council encompassing the North and South Sections in Zealand.

Council Officers

The founding officers of the NZ IEEE Council were,
2008 Council Chair
  • David Hutt Chairman;
  • Peter Hartill Vice Chairman;
  • Robin Harrington Secretary; and
  • Treasurer, Marray Johns.