IEEE Mid-Hudson Section History

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Officers of the Mid-Hudson Section

The charts below include AIEE, IRE and IEEE Section Chairmen from 1947 through 1984.

AIEE Hudson Valley Subsection of the New York Section
Year Chairman
1947-48 H. A. McLaughlin
1948-49 M. S. Kozik
1949-50 W. E. Smalley
1950-51 M. F. Clement (begins to be listed as Hudson Valley Division, New York Section
1951-52 E. W. Paquin
1952-53 D. G. Muir
1953-54 A. D. Fellenzer, Jr.
1954-55 W. R. Peters
1955-56 N/A
1956-57 J. R. Vogel
1957-58 N/A
1958-59 N/A
1959-60 G. H. Lugert
1960-61 D. R. Zeissett (Hudson Valley Section organized June 1, 1960)
1961-62 N/A
1962-63 H. M. Round

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