IEEE Memphis Section History

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AIEE Johnstown Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1931 M. Eldredge W.A. Gentry
1932 W.A. Gentry F.L. Christenbury
1933 G.O. MacFarlane F.L. Christenbury
1934 F.L. Christenbury H.B. Hosford
1935 S.C. Commander P.G. Cartwright
1936 E.A. Corum P.G. Cartwright
1937 J.H. Tole M.J. Mallery
1938 C.M. McCord E.J. Biegel
1939 G.F. Leake A.H. Murrell
1940 E.J. Biegel W.M. Brewer, Jr.
1941 C.L. Osenbaugh W.J. Fransioli, Jr.
1942 J.P. Argo Herman Leightman
1943 J.F. Fossick M.G. Siflord
1944 T.H. Allen J.A. Crisman
1945 J.A. Crisman W.R. Moyers, Jr.
1946 W.R. Moyers, Jr. M.G. Siflord
1947 Maury G. Siflord James R. Morton
1948 James R. Morton Wm. B. Thompson
1949 W.B. Thompson J.R. Owens
1950 J.R. Owens W.J. Fransioli, Jr.
1951 W.J. Fransioli, Jr. V.E. Mohler
1952 V.E. Mohler W.C. Jordan, Jr.
1954 John Thrithart Claude Young
1955 Claude Young G.C. Davis
1956 G.C. Davis R.D. Barrett
1957 R.D. Barrett L.H. Heyman
1958 A.H. Beasley J.F. Fletcher
1959 W.L. Wood, Jr. L.E. Cox
1960-1961 J.F. Fletcher L. Philip
1962 Brother L. Philip M. Parnell

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