IEEE Los Angeles Council History

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IEEE Los Angeles Council

The IEEE Los Angeles Council is part of IEEE Region 6.   The IEEE Los Angeles Council was formed in 1963.  It was the combined from the Los Angeles AIEE and IRE sections.

Today the IEEE Los Angeles Council consists of the Buenaventura, China Lake-Bakersfield, Metropolitan Los Angeles, Foothill, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and the Central Coast sections.  2013 will be the 50th year since partitioning the original Los Angeles Section (formed in May 1908) into these smaller Sections.

AIEE Los Angeles Council Chairmen
Year Chairman
1934-35 Fred Garrison
1935-36 O.W. Holdne
1936-37 J.C. Gaylord
1937-38 W. F. Grimes
1938-39 David Hall
1939-40 Mark A. Sawyer
1940-41 J. M. Gaylord
1941-42 F. C. Lindvall
1942-43 T. M. Blake
1943-44 Lloyd F. Hunt
1944-45 Paul L. Johnson
1945-46 Earl S. Condon
1946-47 E. W. Morris
1947-48 H. D. Strong
1948-49 Bradley Cozzens
1949-50 E. L. Bettannier
1950-51 J. H. Vizian
1951-52 E. J. Sadler

E. W. Rockwell

1953-54 C. A. Wells
1954-55 G. T. Harness
1955-56 W. S. Peterson
1956-57 P. L. Savage
1957-58 H. A. Lott
1958-59 E. Dale Barcus
1959-60 Fred Foulon
1960-61 Robert Milmore
1961-62 L. L. Grandi

Archival Documents

Map of Los Angeles Section Distribution

LAC Bulletin May 1983

LAC Bulletin June 1983

LAC Bulletin October 1983

LAC Bulletin November 1983

LAC Bulletin Flashback Columns 1992

LAC Bulletin Flashback Columns 1993

Further Reading

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