IEEE Jordan Section History

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During the IEEE workshop on Power Electronics held at Jordan University during 18-20 May 1999, discussion took place about forming a section for IEEE in Jordan. A committee was formed to apply for formation of such section. The committee was formed by

  1. Professor Omar Asfar
  2. Professor Mohammed Zeki Khedher
  3. Dr. Abdullah Mehdi
  4. Dr. Mohammed Abderrazaq
  5. Dr Kamel Al-Tallaq

The committee communicated with IEEE headquarter and started the procedure for applying for section establishment. Signature of 52 IEEE members were collected and formal application was sent to the headquarter.

On 12 November 1999 the section was officially formed by the headquarter and Professor Mohammed Zeki Khedher was named as the Interim chairman. The Geocode for the section is R80079.

The news was mentioned in REGION 8 NEWS BULLETIN - JANUARY 2000.

A bank account was established and preparations took place for performing the first executive committee. Seed money for the section was received from the headquarter and first general meeting took place on 29th April 2000.The first executive committee was established as follows:

Prof. Omar Asfar Chairman
Dr. Mohammaed Abdelrazzaq Treasurer
Dr. Gheith Abandah Secretary

Letter, dated 1999, from IEEE members in Jordan petitioning for the creation of an Jordan Section. Congratulatory letter from IEEE acknowledging the creation of Jordan Section.

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