IEEE Ithaca Section History

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Ithaca was the first Section in Region 1 to reach the enviable milestone of being a century section having been made a Cornell University Branch of AIEE on October 15, 1902. Ithaca shares 4th Section honors in AIEE with Lehigh University and The University of Wisconsin that had the same entry date. Cornell University Branch became a Section in 1908 and the name was changed to Ithaca. The archives are not available prior to 1904, therefore officers for 1904 are provided and were: Harris J. Ryan, Chairman; and George S. Macomber, Secretary. Starting in 1938 the archives show Ithaca had 47 members, which increased to 158 in 1949, the last year data was available. In 1947 Binghamton was made a Sub-Section of Ithaca.

Ithaca was also active in IRE, and a Sub-Section of Syracuse was formed in 1953.

They advanced to full IRE membership in 1954. The first officers were: Ben Warriner, Chairman; and R.L. Wooley, Secretary. Since the merger of AIEE and IRE in 1963, Ithaca has not been active in Regional affairs, No data exists in the archives regarding Section activities, and Ithaca does not have a Section site on the IEEE Geographic Activity Web Site.