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== Further Reading  ==
== Further Reading  ==
*[[Category:Geographical_units|Denver]] [[Category:Sections|Denver]]<br />[http://www.ieee-denver.org/ Link to Section Homepage]  
*[http://www.ieee-denver.org/ Link to Section Homepage]  
*[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_Denver.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document Denver]]<br />
*[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_Denver.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document Denver]]<br />

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The IEEE Denver Section is currently comprised of over 3600 engineers and technical professionals in the Denver - Boulder area. The Denver Section belongs to Region 5 in the IEEE organizational structure. Additionally, the Denver Section has an area specific website that includes information about events calendar, officers, and job postings. The website also features links to various Chapters and Affinity groups in the area.

The Mission statement of the Denver section is as follows: Enrich the professional and personal lives of the Rocky Mountain Region members, developing them into valued contributors to society through quality programs, continuing education, career development and community service; in collaboration with IEEE, industry, government and academia.

The Vision Statement of the Denver section in as follows: Become the foremost technical and professional organization of choice in the Rocky Mountain Region by 2015.

Western Engineer Newsletter

Past AIEE, IRE, and IRE Denver Section Chairs (1915-2013)

This file is a listing of Section Chairs for the Denver American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) from 1915 to 1963, the Denver Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) from 1949 to 1963, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) from 1963 to 2013. The Denver AIEE Section was chartered in 1915 and the Denver IRE Section was chartered in 1949. Following the AIEE-IRE merger in 1963, both of these Sections became the Denver IEEE Section.

In Memory of Charles R. (Charlie) Wright

Charles R. (Charlie) Wright was 1980-91 IEEE Denver Section Chair and IEEE Region 5 Director during 1984-85.

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