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<p>[http://ewh.ieee.org/r5/central_texas/ Link to Section Homepage] </p>
<p>[http://ewh.ieee.org/r5/central_texas/ Link to Section Homepage] </p>
== Chapters / Affinity Groups ==
== Chapters / Affinity Groups ==
<p>The IEEE Central Texas Section anounced the formation of a Life Members Affinity group in March 2010.</p>
<p>The IEEE Central Texas Section anounced the formation of a Life Members Affinity group in March 2010.</p>
<p>[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document-Central_Texas.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Central Texas]] </p>
== Past Chairs  ==
<p>[[Category:IEEE]] [[Category:Geographical_units]] [[Category:Sections]]</p>
<p>2009- Tom Grim<br>2008- 09 Garrett Polhamus <br>2006-07 Clif Denny <br>2004-06 John Purvis <br>2001-04 T. Scott Atkinson <br>2000-01 Joe Redfield <br>1999-00 Farzan Aminian <br>1998-99 Larry Deuser <br>1997-98 Ernest A. Franke <br>1996-97 Bruce Williams <br>1995-96 Bob Grubb <br>1994-95 Bill Rogers <br>1993-94 Arwin Dougal <br>1992-93 George Price <br>1991-92 Nick Flores <br>1990-91 Les Johnson <br>1989-90 Kathryn Glass <br>1988-89 Robert L. Turner <br>1987-88 John Brogan <br>1986-87 David Rohe <br>1985-86 D. W. Spence <br>1984-85 A. Lee <br>1983-84 P. Blevins <br>1982-83 C. J. Henne <br>1981-82 W. D. Duesterhoeft <br>1980-81 W. G. Thorman (dec)<br>1979-80 Robert D. Hunter <br>1978-79 Robert D. Alexander <br>1977-78 C. W. May <br>1976-77 T. C. Davis (dec)<br>1975-76 H. Lyndon Taylor <br>1974-75 R. M. Adams <br>1973-74 H. L. Peterson <br>1972-73 J. W. Pettios <br>1971-72 B. F. Womack <br>1970-71 Raymond B. Wangler <br>1969-70 E. Soderberg <br>1968-69 G. S. Halter <br>1967-68 W. E. Cory <br>1966-67 W. R. Penn <br>1965-66 Calvin R. Graf <br>1964-65 Alfred H. LaGrone <br>1963-64 Robert Murray Jolly&nbsp;</p>
=== IRE Section Chairs  ===
<p>1962-63 E. C. Lowenberg <br>1961-62 W. Lyle Donaldson <br>1960-61 Gifford E. White <br>1959-60 A. F. Hasbrook <br>1958-59 Elmer L. Hixson <br>1957-58 F. A. Brogan <br>1956-57 W. H. Hartwig (dec)<br>1955-56 P. Tarrodaychik <br>1954-55 C. M. Crain <br>1953-54 John Ohman <br>1952-53 Alfred H. LaGrone <br>1950-52 William J. Hamm <br>1947-50 C. L. Jeffers (dec)</p>
=== <br>AIEE Section Chairs  ===
<p>1962-63 G. W. Scoggins <br>1961-62 Richard L. Hancock <br>1960-61 W. F. Payette <br>1959-60 E. H. Soderberg <br>1958-59 Frank O. December <br>1957-58 T. A. Dodson (dec)<br>1956-57 Robert Murray Jolly <br>1955-56 H. G. Robinson <br>1954-55 A. A. Mollenhauer (dec)<br>1953-54 J. C. Smith <br>1952-53 R. A. Nicholson <br>1951-52 Roy Krezdorn <br>1950-51 A. C. Alberti (dec)<br>1949-50 L. L. Antes <br>1948-49 M. F. Noster <br>1947-48 S. R. Friedsam (dec)<br>1946-47 O. T. Lodal (dec)<br>1945-46 N. B. Gussett (dec)<br>1944-45 I. A. Uhr (dec)<br>1943-44 G. E. Schmitt (dec)<br>1942-43 W. F. Pinckert <br>1941-42 R. W. Warner (dec)<br>1940-41 N. B. Gussett (dec)<br>1939-40 L. P. Thein <br>1938-39 Otto W. Sommers <br>1937-38 M. H. Lovelady (dec)<br>1936-37 E. G. Conroy (dec)<br>1935-36 R. J. Foley (dec)<br>1934-35 J. W. Farrelly (dec)<br>1933-34 V. H. Braunig (dec)<br>1932-33 I. A. Uhr (dec)<br>1931-32 J. E. Woods <br>1930-31 Dean W. Flowers (dec)<br>[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document-Central_Texas.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Central Texas]] </p>
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Chapters / Affinity Groups

The IEEE Central Texas Section anounced the formation of a Life Members Affinity group in March 2010.

Past Chairs

2009- Tom Grim
2008- 09 Garrett Polhamus
2006-07 Clif Denny
2004-06 John Purvis
2001-04 T. Scott Atkinson
2000-01 Joe Redfield
1999-00 Farzan Aminian
1998-99 Larry Deuser
1997-98 Ernest A. Franke
1996-97 Bruce Williams
1995-96 Bob Grubb
1994-95 Bill Rogers
1993-94 Arwin Dougal
1992-93 George Price
1991-92 Nick Flores
1990-91 Les Johnson
1989-90 Kathryn Glass
1988-89 Robert L. Turner
1987-88 John Brogan
1986-87 David Rohe
1985-86 D. W. Spence
1984-85 A. Lee
1983-84 P. Blevins
1982-83 C. J. Henne
1981-82 W. D. Duesterhoeft
1980-81 W. G. Thorman (dec)
1979-80 Robert D. Hunter
1978-79 Robert D. Alexander
1977-78 C. W. May
1976-77 T. C. Davis (dec)
1975-76 H. Lyndon Taylor
1974-75 R. M. Adams
1973-74 H. L. Peterson
1972-73 J. W. Pettios
1971-72 B. F. Womack
1970-71 Raymond B. Wangler
1969-70 E. Soderberg
1968-69 G. S. Halter
1967-68 W. E. Cory
1966-67 W. R. Penn
1965-66 Calvin R. Graf
1964-65 Alfred H. LaGrone
1963-64 Robert Murray Jolly 

IRE Section Chairs

1962-63 E. C. Lowenberg
1961-62 W. Lyle Donaldson
1960-61 Gifford E. White
1959-60 A. F. Hasbrook
1958-59 Elmer L. Hixson
1957-58 F. A. Brogan
1956-57 W. H. Hartwig (dec)
1955-56 P. Tarrodaychik
1954-55 C. M. Crain
1953-54 John Ohman
1952-53 Alfred H. LaGrone
1950-52 William J. Hamm
1947-50 C. L. Jeffers (dec)

AIEE Section Chairs

1962-63 G. W. Scoggins
1961-62 Richard L. Hancock
1960-61 W. F. Payette
1959-60 E. H. Soderberg
1958-59 Frank O. December
1957-58 T. A. Dodson (dec)
1956-57 Robert Murray Jolly
1955-56 H. G. Robinson
1954-55 A. A. Mollenhauer (dec)
1953-54 J. C. Smith
1952-53 R. A. Nicholson
1951-52 Roy Krezdorn
1950-51 A. C. Alberti (dec)
1949-50 L. L. Antes
1948-49 M. F. Noster
1947-48 S. R. Friedsam (dec)
1946-47 O. T. Lodal (dec)
1945-46 N. B. Gussett (dec)
1944-45 I. A. Uhr (dec)
1943-44 G. E. Schmitt (dec)
1942-43 W. F. Pinckert
1941-42 R. W. Warner (dec)
1940-41 N. B. Gussett (dec)
1939-40 L. P. Thein
1938-39 Otto W. Sommers
1937-38 M. H. Lovelady (dec)
1936-37 E. G. Conroy (dec)
1935-36 R. J. Foley (dec)
1934-35 J. W. Farrelly (dec)
1933-34 V. H. Braunig (dec)
1932-33 I. A. Uhr (dec)
1931-32 J. E. Woods
1930-31 Dean W. Flowers (dec)
IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Central Texas