IEEE Bulgaria Section History

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History Of The IEEE Bulgaria Section

1993 – Building initiative groups


1995 – 57 IEEE Members signed a petition

IEEE Bulgaria Section was approved on June 24, 1995 with a R80075 geocode, after a petition have been signed by 57 Bulgarian individual members of IEEE. Prof. Jordan Kolev, have been appointed as an interim chair.


1995 – Section 80-75-00 approved by the RAB. Prof. Jordan Kolev elected as a first Section Chair.
The first chapter (Joint TT/ED/AP/CPMT Chapter) established the election of the Bulgarian section Executive Committee was carried out during the period from November 1995 till February


1996. The organization and performance of the elections met the requirements of the Bulgarian Section Bylaws. Fifty-four IEEE members participated in the elections. The result from voting was declared on March 7, 1996 as follow:

  • Chair: Prof. Jordan Kolev
  • Vice-Chair: Prof. Vasil Sgourev
  • Secretary: Prof. Stefan Ivanov
  • Treasurer: Assist. Prof. Nikolai Nikolov

Meanwhile the first IEEE Branch, the Joint MTT/ED/AP Branch, have been established and Branch Officers have been elected as follow:

  • Chair: Prof. Hristo Hristov
  • Vice-Chair: Prof. Philip Philipov

1996 – The first Student Branch (Varna Technical University SB) was foundedl1997 – Joint Bulgarian-Macedonian SP Chapter approved.

1997 - Student Branch at Sofia Technical University startedl1998 – 3 new Chapters and 2 new SBs established

  • Joint CAS/SSC Chapter
  • Computer Chapter
  • Joint CS/IM/SMC Chapter
  • Shumen Military Academy SB
  • Veliko Tarnovo University SB

1999 – Communication Chapter established

2002 – Joint ED/SSC City of Varna Chapter established

At this time the total number of Bulgarian IEEE members has been increased to more than 350. Five Bulgarian IEEE Chapters and five Student Branches with more than 190 student members have already been established.
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Petition letter, with list of petitioners, dated 1993, asking to create a Bulgaria Section of IEEE. Congratulatory letter from IEEE acknowledging the creation of Bulgaria Section.

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