IEEE Beaumont Section History

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AIEE Beaumont Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1945 Harold McIntosh N.C. Spencer
1946 N.C. Spencer C.A. Daniel
1947 C.A. Daniel John W. Millington
1948 Avery L. Howell R.W. Parker
1949 R.W. Parker A.F. Briggs
1950 H.E. Mortimer W.T. Evans
1951 T.G. Smith R.W. Sherwood
1952 W.T. Evans A.F. Briggs
1953 R.W. Sherwood H.J. Sutton
1954 A.F. Briggs Ray Welborn, Jr.
1955 H.J. Sutton J.D. Moriaty
1956 Ray Welborn, Jr. Lloyd B. Cherry
1957 John Moriaty E.A. Baumgartner
1958 Lloyd B. Cherry G.J. Huckins
1959 E.A. Baumgartner L.A. Lapham
19601961 G.J. Huckins W.T. Brooks
1962 W.T. Brooks J.L. Cooke

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