IEEE Australian Capital Territory Section History

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The Australia Capital Territory (ACT) region was geographically covered by the original IEEE Australia Section from 1972 to 1985, and was part of the IEEE NSW Section from 1985 through to 1988. The ACT is fully geographically bound by New South Wales.

Dr Harry Green of the ACT was first “elected” Region 10 Director for 1983-84. This coincided with the region 10 boundary adjustments. While Harry was never represented on the Australia Section committee, he was the Canberra liaison and host for many international visitors to the ACT.

The 1983 IEEE President, Dr James Owens and the IEEE General Manager, Eric Herz, visited the Canberra headquarters of the Institution of Engineers (now known as Engineers Australia), Australia in 1983 for discussions about formalising a cooperative 'Australia wide 'member agreement.

The 'ACT' Section

The Australia Capital Territory Section was officially recognised on 18 November 1988

Section Officers

Australian Capital Territory Section Officers
Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1988 Lal C Godara - - B S Nagaraja
1989 Lal C Godara Hon-Man S Lam George W Gerrity B S Nagaraja
1990 Lal C Godara Hon-Man S Lam George W Gerrity Wood N Cheung
1991 Michael C Cavenor Chennupati Jagadish Brian P Molinari Wood N Cheung
1992 Michael C Cavenor Wood N Cheung
1993 Robert J Prandolini
1994 Robert J Prandolini
1995 Donald Fraser
1996 Donald Fraser
1997 Chennupati Jagadish
1998 Chennupati Jagadish
1999 Wood N Cheung
2000 Wood N Cheung
2001 Masoud Mohammadian
2002 Erik S Lensson
2003 Erik S Lensson
2004 Erik S Lensson
2005 Darren K Milne
ACT PHOTO Milne.jpg
Tony S Pollock Timothy L Turner Hark Hoe Tan
2006 Andrew P Fox
2007 Andrew P Fox
2008 Darren Milne Martin D Leaver
2009 Martin D Leaver Bridget T Lally Sharon Lim

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