IEEE Akron Section History

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AIEE Akron Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1920-1921 H.C. Stephens R.B. Fisher
1922 S.C. Henton A.P. Regal
1923 P.C. Jones C.D. Black
1924 J.T. Walther F.L. Haushalter
1925 Ralph Higgins John Grotzinger
1926 A.R. Holden H.L. Steinbach
1927 A.L. Richmond W.A. Hillebrand
1928 John Grotzinger H.C. Paiste
1929 W.A. Hillebrand R.R. Krammes
1930 H.C. Paiste Alvin P.Regal
1931 R.R. Krammes R.A. Hudson
1932 A.P. Regal W.H. Tucker
1933 P.C. Smith V.W. Shear
1934 R.A. Hudson H.H. Schroeder
1935 V.W. Shear H.L. Brouse
1936 H.H. Schroeder M. Grow
1937 A.O. Austin T.F. Brandt
1938 H.L. Brouse F.A. Green
1939 T.F. Brandt F.W. Nimmer
1940 F.A. Green H.L. Rorden
1941 C.J. Miller, Jr. K.F. Sibila
1942 K.F. Sibila A.G. Seifried
1943 R.F. Snyder H.N. Van Aken
1944 A.G. Seifried P.S. Bechtol
1945 M.B. Rankin F.J. Ilse
1946-1947 Paul S. Bechtol A.J.B. Fairburn
1948 C.R. Reid N.A. Williams
1949 H.P. Davis J.R. Dorsey
1950 J.R. Dorsey J.C. Hall
1951 R.F. Miller P.O. Huss
1952 J.C. Hall P.W. Berthold
1953 P.O. Huss T.C. Dee
1954 Paul Berthold J.E. Rose
1955 N.A. Williams R.J. Feeney
1956 J.E. Rose E.A. Smith
1957 R.J. Feeney D.C. Emery
1958 E.L. Smith E.F. Huston
1959 D.C. Emery R.E. Moore
1960-1961 E.F. Huston C.H. Fleming
1962 C.H. Fleming E.D. Miller }

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