H. Kalyanasundaram

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H. Kalyanasundaram was born in 1921. Kalyanasundaram spent his entire career at Best and Crompton Engineering and served as visiting faculty to several universities in India. He was a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India), the Institution of Energy Engineers (India), the Institute of Standards Engineers, the Indian Institution of Plant Engineers and the Indian Society of Lighting Engineers. He was a member of the National Institute of Quality and Reliability and a Life Senior Member of the IEEE.

Kalyanasundaram was a past chair Madras Section, and past MDC Chair for Region 10, and was awarded the Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award for the year 2001, the the 1988 RAB Larry K Wilson Transnational Award, the Super Recruiter Award in November 1994, the IEEE India Council Distinguished Volunteer Award in December 2000, and the IEEE Millenium Award in 2000.

He was also the President of Lions Club of Madras East and offered his house to cook food for people affected by floods.

Kalyanasundaram died on November 5th 2013.

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