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Significant Technological Achievement Recognition Selections (STARS) are signed, peer-reviewed articles on the history of major developments in electrical and computer sciences and technologies. They are written for a general audience with a level of accuracy and insight that satisfies knowledgeable professionals. Each achievement recognized by the STARS program has worldwide significance, and typically consists of closely related events that took place in more than one location over a period of time. STARS articles provide authoritative core information on the IEEE Global History Network (GHN), where collectively they comprise an online compendium.

Articles are based on the list of STARS Candidates for significant technological achievements. Prospective authors may choose an existing candidate (or subset thereof) or suggest a new one to the managing editor for consideration by the Editorial Board’s Executive Committee. Articles, or optional proposals for them, are submitted to the managing editor for review by the Editorial Board. Each article must adhere to posted guidelines and be previously unpublished, although the author(s) may base it on previously published articles or books.

The STARS Program is managed by the managing editor under the oversight, guidance, and assistance of the IEEE STARS Editorial Board. The officers of the board consist of a Chair and two to six Vice Chairs, who are typically invited by the chair, appointed by the IEEE History Committee, and serve as an Executive Committee for the Editorial Board. All other members of the board are appointed by its officers. The functions of board members are to identify and solicit authors for STARS articles and to review STARS proposals and articles in their areas of expertise. The Editorial Board reviews each article for the program, including its writing quality, historical accuracy, and scope. The managing editor or board may commission other scholars who are experts in the subject to review an article. Only after the Editorial Board approves an article will it be published on the GHN and in Proceedings of the IEEE.

Readers may post comments on any published article through the Discussion heading on that article’s webpage. Authors may choose to respond to comments or update their articles in consultation with the Editorial Board, with appropriate notations to document changes.

To suggest candidates, submit proposals or articles, or comment on articles, contact the managing editor or log into the GHN. If you do not have an account, you can create one. If you have any questions regarding STARS, please contact the managing editor.