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Comments on the history of the quartz watch

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A book has been published on the history of timekeeping, On Time: How America Has Learned to Live Life by the Clock, by Carlene E. Stephens of the Smithsonian Institution, 2002.

Other References:

Stephens, Carlene E., ENGINEERING TIME: INVENTING THE QUARTZ WRISTWATCH, Proceedings of the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and PDA Exhibition, pp. 2-3, 2001.

Stephens, Carlene and Maggie Dennis, “Engineering Time: Inventing the Quartz Wristwatch.” British Journal for the History of Science 33(2000): 477-497.

Jvig21:10, 10 November 2010


I have to report that Dr. Armin H. Frei has passed away in Switzerland on January 23rd, 2012. He fought for proper recognition of his team involved in the original development of the first quartz wristwatch. Recently, he encouraged me to write a First-Hand History about Swiss LCD developments in the 1970s.

BBCLCD11:23, 10 June 2012

Eric Vittoz, Swiss Laboratory for Watch Research

See First-Hand History of Eric Vittoz and his role with the Swiss Laboratory for Watch Research made available to the public for the GHN in the Solid-State Circuits Magazine Summer 2008. Titled "The Electronic Watch and Low-Power Circuits."

Aoneill14:53, 12 May 2011

Fascinating story, 20 May 2011