Ernest S. Kuh

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With a career spanning over 50 years as a professor and scientist, Ernest S. Kuh’s pioneering contributions have shaped both circuit theory and electronic design automation (EDA) of large-scale integrated circuits and systems. EDA has streamlined the design and production of circuits by automating not only the design but also the placement of electronic components and the routing of wires and connections between the components.

After important early contributions to circuit theory and analysis, Dr. Kuh switched his focus in the 1980s to what would become EDA, making long-lasting contributions in all aspects of design automation, with many methods adopted by the industry. He also developed simulators to handle large circuits with good accuracy and improved speed over existing programs. He has mentored about 40 Ph.D. students, who have made significant contributions in propelling EDA into the vital role that it plays in the electronics industry today.

A Life Fellow of the IEEE, Dr. Kuh is currently the William S. Floyd Jr. Professor Emeritus in Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.