Daniel Dobberpuhl

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Dan Dobberpuhl's microprocessor work has consistently advanced the state of the art. At Digital Equipment Corporation, in Palo Alto, Calif., he led the development of a number of microprocessors including the T11, a design that singularly cut the number of transistors on a chip from 68K to 13K and implemented a more complex machine; the ALPHA, whose fast clock design techniques are now the industry standard; and the Strong-ARM processorTM, which raised the bar on performance while decreasing power dissipation.

An IEEE Member, Mr. Dobberpuhl has published many papers on circuits and microprocessors; has 15 patents issued or pending and is co-author with Mr. Lance Glasser of The Design and Analysis of VLSI Circuits, a leading text in the field. He is vice-president and general manager of the Broadband Processor Business Unit at Broadcom Corporation, in Irvine, Calif. StrongARM is a registered trademark of ARM, Ltd.