Cyril G. Veinott

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Cyril G. Veinott received his PhD from the University of Vermont. He began his career at Westinghouse Electric, specializing in induction machinery design. In 1953, he joined Reliance Electric where he was among the first to develop the use of digital computers for designing small electric motors.

Veinott is known internationally for his contributions to induction motor technology. He is the author of six motor CAD programs, five books, and several papers and articles. Many of these publications have been translated into foreign languages. In addition to his research and publishing, Veinott also taught design courses throughout the world. He is also credited as the inventor or co-inventor of fourteen U.S. patents within the electric motor field.

Prior to receiving the IEEE Medal for Engineering Excellence in 2000, he received the IEEE Nikola Tesla Award in 1977. Veinott died February 15, 2001.

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