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A 1930's photo of The Civilian Conservation Corps in Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge- Image by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Issues pertaining to the workplace such as safety in the workplace, workplace diversity and division of labor


  • Division of labor - the assigning of different tasks to different individuals to improve total productivity
  • Labor skill - the ability of an individual or group to accomplish a particular task
  • Productivity - the measurement of the efficiency of production given certain inputs
  • Quality of work life - the emotional and other rewards that contribute to a state of well-being at work
  • Safety in the workplace - the prevention of accidents and injuries at work
  • Skilled labor - labor that has skills that improve its productivity at a certain job
  • Unskilled labor - labor that requires no particular skills or personal assets
  • Workplace diversity - the existence of a well-balanced group of races, genders and others in the workplace

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