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Topics dealing with various elements of software and its design
Topics dealing with various elements of software and its design
[[Image:Software and Software Engineering Computer Concepts 1988 ROM RAM podule Attribution.jpg|thumb|right|A 1988 Rom podule with early software - Image by Chris Whytehead]]
== Subcategories ==
== Subcategories ==

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Topics dealing with various elements of software and its design

A 1988 Rom podule with early software - Image by Chris Whytehead


  • Capability maturity model - or CMM, a set of procedures created by Carnegie Mellon used to insure continual improvement throughout the stages of product development
  • Computer aided software engineering - or CASE, a set of tools and methods used to ensure high-quality software products
  • Formal verification - the proving or disproving of the correctness of the algorthims underlying a property using the formal methods of mathematics
  • Optical character recognition software - or OCR software, software that attempts to translate scanned written or typed images into readable, machine-encoded text
  • Programming environments - the conditions and layout which allow the programming of computer code
  • Reasoning about programs
  • Runtime - the time during which a computer program is executing
  • Software agents - a piece of software that acts for a user or another program as an agent without the direct intervention of the user
  • Software architecture - the set of structures needed to reason about a software system, including elements of the software and relations between them
  • Software debugging - the process of identifying and reducing the number of bugs or flaws in a software program
  • Software maintenance - the modification of a software product after delivery to correct bugs or faults and to optimize performance
  • Software packages - used in object-oriented programming to name a group of related classes in a particular program
  • Software performance - the reliability, speed, and efficiency of a software program
  • Software quality - a term embodying two distinct aspects of software, its functional quality (or fitness for its purpose) and its structural quality (or its internal cohesion and operability)
  • Software reusability - the likelihood that a segment of source code can be used again to add new functions with minimal modification
  • Software safety - the safety of a software program against either unauthorized use or computer viruses
  • Software systems - often synonymous with "software" itself, the part of a computer system that is not hardware
  • Software tools - also known as programming tools, a program or application that allows software developers to create or maintain programs
  • System software - software designed to run a computer's hardware and to provide a platform for operating other applications and programs

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