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A specimen of 7-9 grains of native tellurium in a matchbox-like, laxative pillbox adopted in 1939 - Image by Rob Lavinsky

Preparing products and electronics for commercial distribution


  • Bagging - wrapping products in a bag
  • Bottling - pouring liquid product into a battle
  • Canning - a method of preserving food by sealing it an airtight plastic container
  • Encapsulation - separating objects into modular sections
  • Labeling - attaching information on the outside of a container that conveys what is inside the container
  • Multichip modules - or MCM, a specialized electronic package where multiple integrated circuits or other discrete components are packaged onto a unifying substrate
  • Plastic packaging - packaging using plastic materials
  • Wrapping - to enclose and bind something in paper or fabric


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