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Practical medical services such as X-rays, prosthetics and sensory aids

An old infirmary with medical equipment used for patient rehabilitation


  • Clinical diagnosis - the determination of the nature or cause of a disease
  • Computer aided diagnosis or CAD, medical procedures which use a computer to analyze biological data, most often used in the interpretation of medical images
  • Health information management - the maintenance of health records through traditional or electronic-based methods
  • In vitro - studies in experimental biology which use components of an organism isolated from their usual biological context
  • In vivo - biological studies conducted with organisms in their usual, intact state, as contrasted with "in vitro" studies
  • Medical diagnosis - attempting to identify a potential disease or disorder
  • Medical signal detection - the use of large databases to discover and correlate adverse reactions to medical interventions
  • Medical tests - any test designed to discover the type or nature of a disease
  • Occupational medicine - medicine primarily concerned with ensuring the highest standards of safety and health at work
  • Prosthetics - the use of an artificial device to replace a missing body part
  • Sensory aids - devices which improve the reception of sense organs
  • X-rays - a form of electromagnetic radiation that are shorter than UV rays but longer than gamma rays and that are used to see inside biological tissue