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B-24 Bombers at Ford Willow Run plant

Various issues dealing with the manufacture and production of electronics


  • Ball milling - the use of a cylindrical device containing grinding mediums such as ceramic balls to grind material to a find powder
  • Compression molding - a molding method in which the molding material is placed in an open, heated cavity and heat and pressure are applied until the material is cured
  • Embossing - the process of producing raised or sunken designs in sheet metal, paper, or other materials
  • Fabrication - the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling
  • Group technology - or GT, a manufacturing process in which the parts having similarities are grouped together to ensure a higher level of integration
  • Injection molding - a manufacturing process in which thermoplastic materials are injected into a mold cavity and hardened
  • Manufacturing products & systems - the products and system that make up a manufacturing process
  • Materials processing - the transformation of input elements into useful products
  • Mechanical products - products that can manipulate materials
  • Production control - activities involved in handling materials and assemblies from their raw to finished stages
  • Production engineering - a combination of manufacturing technology with management science to insure optimal manufacturing capability
  • Production equipment - the mechanical equipment used to facilitate production
  • Production facilities - the structure and infrastructure used to facilitate the manufacture of products
  • Production management - the management of the entirety of the production process
  • Production materials - the material inputs of a production process
  • Production systems - the comprehensive system of production
  • Shafts - vertical passageways that transport people or material
  • Tolerance analysis - the study of accumulated variation in mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Transfer molding - an automated process that uses pistons to squirt the material into the cavity through small holes and then pressure and heat to cure the material