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Topics pertaining to magnetics as a whole

File:1960 Magnetic Recording Tape.jpg
Magentic tape produced in the 1960's- Image by Daniel P. B. Smith


  • Biomagnetics - magnetism produced by living organisms
  • Demagnetization - the process of eliminating the magnetic charge from materials or objects
  • Gyromagnetism - the magnetic properties of a spinning, electrically charged particle
  • Magnetic analysis - testing or analyzing the magnetic properties of materials or objects
  • Magnetic anisotropy - the direction dependence of a material's magnetic properties
  • Magnetic effects - physical effects from a magnetic field
  • Magnetic flux - measured by the SI unit weber (Wb), the component of the B (magnetic) field passing through the surface of an object
  • Magnetic forces - the strength of magnetism between objects
  • Magnetic hysteresis - the tendency of ferromagnet to be magnetized and to realign in the presence of a magnetic field
  • Magnetic losses - the loss in energy that occurs in the realignment of magnetic vectors
  • Magnetic multilayers - repeating stacks of magnetic material alternating with a non-magnetic material
  • Magnetic particles - the magnetic properties of individual particles
  • Magnetic sensors - sensors that can detect and measure magnetic fields and strengths
  • Magnetic susceptibility - indicates the degree of magnetization of a material in response to an applied magnetic field
  • Magnetic switching - or reversal, the process that leads to a 180 degree reorientation of the magnetic vector
  • Magnetization processes - processes that result in magnetization
  • Nonlinear magnetics - magnets characterized by permittivity and permeability with nonlinear transmission
  • Remanence - the magnetization that remains in a ferromagnetic material after an external magnetic field is removed