Category:Magnetic devices

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Various types of magnetic devices including accelerator magnets, magnetic cores and solenoids


  • Accelerator magnets - an electromagnet that can accelerate atoms, usually a superconductor, such as in a particle accelerator
  • Ferrite devices - a device which makes use of ferrimagnetism and its high electrical conductivity
  • Magnetic cores - a piece of magnetic material with high permeability used to confine and guide magnetic fields
  • Magnetic heads - an electromagnet that converts electrical variations into magnetic variations that can be stored and retrieved
  • Magnetic modulators - a pulse modulator that uses a switch made from a nonlinear inductance coil
  • Magnetooptic devices - also called gyrotropic devices, a device which an electromagnetic wave propagates through a medium which has been altered by a magnetic field
  • Magnetostrictive devices - a device using a ferromagnetic material that changes shape or dimension during magnetization
  • Solenoids - a coil wound into a tight helix, often wrapped around a metal core, which produces a magnetic field when electric current passes through it
  • Transformer cores - the core of a transformer which holds a magnetic flux created from the varying current in one wiring coil and transfers it to another