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As electrical engineering is an international profession, its affairs often impact international developments

A 1921 photo of The First International Assembly of the Health Services of the Armies, Navies and Air Forces, The International Commitee of Military Medicine- Image by Paul Zabouri


  • Alliances - either treaties or agreements between national powers that promise mutual assistance
  • Cultural relations - the exchange of cultural artifacts and practices between nations
  • Diplomacy - the process of reconciling the interests of different nations and powers through mutual discussion and agreements
  • Globalization - the integration of economic, political, and social relationships between disparate nations across the globe
  • Intelligence - the ability to reason, plan, and solve problems
  • Mass education - the provision of education opportunities to a wide swath of a country's population
  • Poverty - the lack of the minimal necessaries of life, however defined
  • Trade - the exchange of goods or services across national boundaries

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