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Early mine workers before health and safety inspections - Image by The National Institue for Occupational Safety and Health and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Topics pertaining to inspection, safety and security in a manufacturing setting


  • Access control - the limitation of access to certain resources or aspects of the manufacturing process to certain individuals (or to exclude all individuals)
  • Accident prevention - the study of the prevention of industrial accidents
  • Aerospace safety - the safety and security of aerospace equipment and operators
  • Alarm systems - systems designed to alert monitors or local authorities about unauthorized use
  • Automatic optical inspection - or AOI, the automated visual inspection of a broad array of manufactured products for defects or proper assembly
  • Computer security - the process of improving the security of the information and software of computers
  • Cryptography - the practice and study of secure communications in the presence of third-party
  • Domestic safety - the study of the safety of the home and family
  • Emergency services - services used to prevent injury or assisted injured individuals in an emergency
  • Hazards - threats to health and safety
  • Health and safety - the physical well-being of an individual or group
  • Marine safety - safety on or in the water
  • Power system security - security to protect power systems, including generation and transmission, and insure a reliable stream of electricity
  • Product safety - the safety of produced products
  • Radiation safety - the study and practice of protecting people from radiation, both man-made and natural
  • Reconnaissance - an exploration to gain information
  • Safety devices - devices that protect human health and well-being or the stability of mechanical or electronic systems
  • Terrorism - acts of violence against civilians meant to secure political ends
  • Vehicle safety - the safety of moving vehicles
  • Watermarking - in digital contexts, the inclusion of information in a signal that can be used to verify its authenticity


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