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Geothermal powerplant, circa 1904

Various disciplines of engineering including chemical, civil and mechanical


  • Acoustical engineering - engineering that deals with problems of voice, noise, and acoustics
  • Agricultural engineering - the application of engineering principles to agriculture
  • Chemical engineering - the branch of engineering that deals with physical and life sciences to assist the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into usable products
  • Civil engineering - the use of physical sciences to design and build aspects of the built environment
  • Computer engineering - the combination of electrical engineering and computer system to create coherent computer systems
  • Concurrent engineering - engineering parallel processes (such as design engineering and manufacturing engineering) to speed completion of a project
  • Design engineering - designing a product or system while also engineering its internal structure
  • Maintenance engineering - the application of engineering principles to ensure better maintainability and reliability
  • Mechanical engineering - the application of physical sciences to the design and manufacturing of mechanical systems
  • Precision engineering - engineering systems or products that require very low levels of tolerance
  • Research and development
  • Reverse engineering - discovering the nature of a built or natural object through analysis of its function and operation
  • Sanitary engineering - engineering to ensure a healthy and safe environment
  • Thermal engineering - the engineering of systems that require changes in temperature to operate

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