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An electrostatic generator at Teylers Museum - Image by McSmit and Teylers Museum

Devices and processes dealing with static electricity including particle charging, surface charging and triboelectricity


  • Aerosols - devices which suspend liquid or solid particles in a gas
  • Electrophotography - or xerography, a photocopying method which combines electrostatic printing with photography
  • Electrostatic analysis - methods which provide information about charges and fields of a certain region
  • Electrostatic induction - the redistribution of an object's electrical charge by nearby charges
  • Electrostatic levitation - the process of using an electric field to suspend a charged object
  • Electrostatic precipitators - air cleaning devices which operate by collecting particles in a gas through the use of electrostatic charges
  • Electrostatics - the study of slow moving electric charges
  • Particle charging - the transferring of a charge to a particle
  • Particle production - the creation of particles by energy
  • Surface charging - an interface's electric charge which causes particles to emit electric fields
  • Triboelectricity - a type of electrification in which charge is transmitted through close contact of certain materials, such as glass being rubbed with silk


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