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Simple vibrators producing electromagnetism, from Popular Science Monthly, vol 22, 1882

The link between electricity and magnetism


  • Electromagnetic analysis - the process of analyzing and interpreting electromagnetics
  • Electromagnetic compatibility - the study of unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy
  • Electromagnetic coupling - also known as radiative coupling, the phenomena of when the source of unwanted electromagnetic generation is a great distance away from its unintended receiver
  • Electromagnetic devices - various devices which use electromagnetic components, such as speakers, tape heads, electric motors, etc
  • Electromagnetic fields - the field produced by moving electrically charged objects
  • Electromagnetic induction - the process of generating an electric current via moving a conductor through a magnetic field
  • Electromagnetic radiation - a form of energy which has both electric and magnetic field components and behaves like a waveform when travelling through space
  • Electromagnetic shielding - the process of reducing the electromagnetic field in a certain space by the use of conductors or magnets
  • Electromagnetic transients - a method of exploration measuring the decay of electric and magnetic fields which are induced by transient pulses of electric current
  • Proximity effect - the effect which describes the current crowding that occurs when currents flow through one or more nearby conductors

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