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Point-contact diode, inner structure. The rectangle is n-type semiconductor, and is about half a millimeter wide

Topics related to electrical conductivity, including semiconductors, superconductors and current


  • Bean model - the 1962 model that gives an explanation of irreversible magnetization of hard semiconductors
  • Conducting materials - materials that allow the conduction of electric currents to varying degrees
  • Critical current - the maximum electrical density a superconductor can maintain without resistance
  • Flux pinning - the phenomena that magnetic flux lines do not move despite the current operating on them by a superconductor
  • Semiconductor materials - materials that have an intermediate electrical conductivity between a conductor and an insulator
  • Superconducting devices - devices that allow zero or almost zero electrical resistance, often operated at very low temperatures and with materials such as mercury
  • Superconducting filaments and wires - wires and filaments that have superconductive properties
  • Superconducting films - material films that have superconducting properties
  • Superconducting integrated circuits - integrated circuits or ICs that have superconducting properties
  • Superconducting magnetic energy storage - or SMES, a system that stores energy in a magnetic field created by the flow of direct current through a superconducting coil cooled below its critical temperatures
  • Superconducting materials - materials, which, below a critical temperature, have zero or almost zero electrical resistance
  • Superconducting transition temperature - the temperature at which a particular material becomes a superconductor with no electrical resistance
  • Wire - a single usually flexible strand of metal that transmits electricity and electromagnetic signals

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