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Compounds are substances containing two or more elements, including various silicon, gallium and lead compounds


  • Bismuth compounds - compounds that contain the element bismuth, with the symbol Bi and the atomic number 31
  • Carbon compounds - either organic or inorganic compounds that have at least one carbon atom
  • Gallium compounds - compounds that contain the element gallium, with the symbol Ga and the atomic number 31. Gallium arsenide is an important semiconductor
  • Indium compounds - compounds that contain indium, with the symbol In and the atomic number 49. Indium is currently used in touchscreens and liquid crystal displays
  • Inorganic compounds - compounds of inanimate, non-biological origin
  • Lead compounds - compounds containing lead
  • Organic compounds - compounds that are important for life and contain carbon
  • Silicon compounds - compounds containing silicon, with the symbol Si and the atomic number 14, many of which are essential in semiconductors