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A 1973 photo of Ellen Weaver developing instrumentation to be used in satellites for ocean monitoring- Image by The National Aeronatics and Space Administration

Hardware and software used for different types of communication.


  • Auditory displays - the use of sound to communicate information from a computer to a user
  • Codecs - short for coder-decoder, a device or program used to encode or decode a digital signal
  • Modems - short for modulator-demodulater, a device that modulates an analog carrier signal to carry digital information and demodulates the carrier signal to decode information
  • Optical communication equipment - any device which transmits information through the use of light
  • Radio communication equipment - any device which transmits information using radio waves
  • Receivers - a device which converts a radio signal to a usable form through demodulation and decoding
  • Repeaters - an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level or in another form
  • Speech codecs - the application of data compression of digital audio signals containing speech
  • TV equipment - any device that transmits, receives, or displays television signals
  • Telephone equipment - any device that transmits, receives or voices telephone signals
  • Transceivers - a transmitter and receiver which are combined and share common circuitry
  • Transmitters - an electronic device that uses an antennas to create and transmit radio waves
  • Transponders - short for transmission-responder, either a digital device that receives and transmits a signal on a different frequency, or a device which generates a reply signal upon electronic interrogation
  • Video codecs - a device or program which codes and decodes visual information
  • Video equipment - any device which transmits, receives, or displays visual signals
  • Vocoders - short for voice-encoder, a device which encodes human speech to transmit it electronically and which is then decoded by another device

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