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A 1970 photo of a ground cut off panel

Included are topics which deal with the workings and issues dealing with circuitry, such as circuit noise, silicon on insulator technology and circuit synthesis


  • Active circuits - circuits that operate as controlled voltage sources, which generate voltage based on a predefined input
  • Adders - a digital circuit that sums numbers
  • Bridge circuits - circuits which connect two other circuit branches, which are usually parallel to each other
  • Charge pumps - a DC to DC converter that uses capacitors as energy storage devices which create either a higher or lower voltage power source
  • Circuit analysis - the analysis of the voltages across, and the currents through, every component of a circuit network
  • Circuit faults - a malfunction or problem in a circuit which inhibits the transmission of signals
  • Circuit noise - random fluctuations in an electrical signal in a circuit which inhibit the transmission and receiving of signals
  • Circuit simulation - the use of mathematical models to replicate the behavior of an actual electronic device or circuit
  • Circuit synthesis - a process whereby an abstract form of desired circuit behavior is turned into design implemented logic gates
  • Digital signal processors - or DSP, a specialized microprocessor created to optimize the speed of digital signal processing
  • Isolators - a device which prevents the transfer of electrical energy between circuits, often due to concerns about power surges
  • Microprocessors - an integrated circuit which incorporates all the functions of a computer's central processing unit
  • Phase shifters - a device that shifts or changes the phase of a radio frequency signal
  • Power dissipation - the process whereby power is converted into heat or other radiation and radiated away from a electrical system
  • Rail to rail operation - the ability of an operational amplifier to switch power sources with minimal changes
  • Rectifiers - devices that convert alternating current,which flows in both directions, to Direct Current, which flows in one direction
  • Silicon on insulator technology - or SOI technology, the use of a layered silicon-insulator-silicon substrate in place of conventional silicon substrates in semiconductor manufacturing

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