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The process of applying computer science and statistics to biology

Biomedical records on government computers


  • Genome annotation - the process of identifying the location of genes and all the coding regions of the genome and their relationships to each other, part of Gene Ontology
  • Protein ontology - a means of formalizing protein knowledge by tracing the relationships of proteins in a hierarchy using universal language
  • Protein structural alignment - the attempt to discover the homology between two or more protein structures using their shape
  • Protein structure prediction - the prediction of the three dimensional structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence
  • Protein-protein docking - the quaternary structures formed by the interaction of two or more protein macromolecules
  • Sequence analysis - the process of subjecting DNA or RNA to analytical methods to understand its function, structure, or evolution
  • Systems biology - the term for a new trend in biosciences research that analyzes organisms from a holistic instead of a reductionist perspective, and investigates complex systems interactions

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