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The magnitude of a waveform, topics include those related to amplification and attenuation


  • Broadband amplifiers - amplifiers that exhibit an essentially flat response over a wide range of frequencies
  • Cavity resonators
  • Differential amplifiers - electronic devices that amplify the difference between two voltages but do not amplify the particular voltages
  • Fading - fluctuation in the strength of signals due to variations in the propagation medium
  • Limiting
  • Operational amplifiers - also known as op-amps, high gain, differential amplifiers
  • Optical attenuators - electronic devices used to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber
  • Power amplifiers - amplifiers that increase the amount of energy in a signal high enough to drive a speaker
  • Preamplifiers - electronic devices that transmit weak signals to power amplifiers for further amplification
  • Pulse amplifiers - used in pyrotechnic tools, laser drivers, medical equipment, and other test and measurement instruments, amplifiers that supply devices with a large amount of power or wide range of power
  • Radiofrequency amplifiers - amplifiers that amplify the high-frequency signals commonly used in radio communications