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Data, Devices, Designs

A pilot program of a proposed monthly service to all members of IEEE with highlights from various conferences and interviews. This particular program has its material taken from the IEEE 1969 International Convention and Exhibition‎. Interviews are simulated.


<flashmp3>RCA Special Prods - IEEE Data Devices Design - Part 1.mp3</flashmp3>

Tape 1:

  • "Working and Living in Space" - Werner Von Braun, Douglas Lord, Maj. Wally Cunningham, E.Z. Gray
  • "Automation for Health", G.S. Cohen, George N. Webb, W.R. Kirkham
  • "Communications and the Computer", D.C. Evans, S.E. Estes, Gerald Estrin, R.W. Lucky, Warren Cornell, E.E. David Jr.
  • advertisements
  • "Large Scale Integration", interview with James Campeau

<flashmp3>RCA Special Prods - IEEE Data Devices Design - Part 2.mp3</flashmp3>

Tape 2:

  • "System Technologies in Politics and Economics", Arthur Barber, Leland Johnson, Manfred Altman
  • "Where is the Electrical Engineering profession headed?", S.W. Herwald Jr., J.L. McLucas, W.K. Linville, T.F. Rogers
  • "Electronically Expanding the Citizen's World", Walter R. Bean, E.G. Fabini, K.G. McKay, James Hillier, J.H. Holleman
  • interview with Arthur Rock
  • news of the industry