April, 1971: joined SHARP Central Research Laboratories/Tenri/Nara/Japan as Research Engineer to enhance "infant in those days" R&D activities on Liquid Crystal Display. June, 1973: contributed to the successful project "S734" as an characterization/evaluation research engineer in LCD Development and Production team: the project mass-produced LCD (liquid crystal display) 1st in the world. The LCD was mounted on the C-MOS mini-calculator, which is displayed in the British Science Museum. April, 1987: moved to SHARP LCD Business Group/Tenri to launch small-size (3"-4") TFT-LCD business as an electronic engineering manager. May, 1988: co-lead a project to develop a 14" full color TFT-LC Display, whose size and "vivid&crisp-color/fast response-times" demonstrated TFT-LCD's capability as the most promising "Full-Color Flat Panel Display" for emerging personal computers, and hence ushered in TFT-LCD Industry; co-received Eduard Rhein Technology Award in 1990. Aug. 1997: moved to the Strategic Planning Office of Device Business/Tenri, as the 1st general manager of the office, to delineate a strategy of SHARP device business: LCD, LSI and Opto-devices after serving as General Manager of TFT-LCD Development Center. May, 1998: lead a team to successfully conclude Japan's last TFT-LCD Technology Transfer Agreement with Taiwan. April, 2000: moved to SHARP AVS Group/Yaita/Tochigi to start LCD television, Aquos, business as General Manager of LC Television Division. Feb., 2003: moved to Kameyama Production Group/Kameyama/Mie, as Deputy General Manager of the group, to launch LCD "Device (LCD module)&Finished-Product (LCD television)"-amalgamated business Oct. 2008: retired from SHARP Corporation as Deputy Group General Manager of AVC LCD Group/Kameyama, and founded tech&NT Labs. Aug., 2011, gave lectures on "Liquid Crystal Developments and its Applications" , spanning his whole career experiences of nearly 40 years at the Open University of Japan.

専門分野:LCD Business Evolution History, TFT-LCD technology, research and development work and management, International Technology Transfer, Business Strategy