I Akansha Kumari was born on September 14,1992;India. As a young youth the greatest obstacle for me was to leave India and live in America for my further studies. As a sixteen year old teenage this was quite challenging because I had to leave my family and live with my relatives with totally new lifestyle. Also I needed to plan and design the total new goals as the goals which I was thinking to pursue before ,were totally different before this happened in my life. When I moved to America ; one of many challenge was to study and work at the same time and still achieve honor roll for my each marking period at the Highshool and be in Dean's list at my Community College from where I achieved my Associated degree. As I grew up also there were also difficulties at my relatives house, thus I needed to find a way to live bymyself. After some months, I went to India for my summer vacations but then decided not to live after this with my relatives when come back here. However, I came back with my elder sister who is five years older than me and we both decided to live and study by ourself. It was challenging in the beginning but once we got out of our relative’s house it was much clearer for both of us to pursue our goals and work our best to achieve them. As of today I am an Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student at New Jeresey Institute of Technology and I also work a part time job ;most probably every other evening.It is quite hard for me to do everything at the same time but these hurdles and difficulties makes me more stronger and passionate about my dreams and goals and my ability to achieve them.