Austin Chapman Schwager My Biographical Sketch

Austin Chapman Schwager, IEEE Lifetime Member, and Member 1st 50 Years Born in Clifton, Kentucky, March 3, 1913 Son of Lulu Fulis Martin Schwager, artistic seamstress and George Washington Schwager, inventor of the hollow-chrome fastener and the first Mayor of Clifton, Kentucky Graduated from Highland High in 1930 Awarded Commercial and Amateur Radio licenses

Some of my personal and professional accomplishments are listed here:


1.	Played violin in the Highland Orchestra
2.	Played french horn in the Highland Marching Band
3.	Played first violin in the Cincinnati Symphony
4.	Married a poet July 3, 1937 and raised two children
5.	Played the lead in the Mikado performed in Chicago and Wheaton
6.	Played piano and organ
7.	Sang for weddings from coast to coast
8.	Sang for religious holidays, with professional symphonies, and in Christian church choirs for 80 years
9.	Produced over 400 collages and drawings, exhibited my artwork at a downtown Library, and sell it online.


1.	Engineered Fan Jet blade diagnostic chip for Thompson Products, so they were able to correct blade shattering occurring, with certain conditions, during the operation of jet engines.
2.	Designed the first locomotive engine radio system in the world.  The first clients were C & O and Nickel-Plate Railroads.  It later became the standard.
3.	Designed and project-managed the first electric high-power line from Bryan to Toledo, Ohio.
4.	Successfully diagnosed WHK, FM Radio’s signal problems as transmitter transformer crack.
5.	In recognition for my engineering skills, I was sponsored to IEEE by Thompson Products and WHK, and am now a lifetime member of IEEE and Member 1st 50 Years.
6.	Designed a specialized noise-canceling handset for the Santa Fe Railroad radio system.
7.	Engineered the entire electrical high-tension, river-crossing system, for the Burlington Railroad and later adopted by other railroads.
8.	Designed the electrical system that, for the first time, made it possible to throw track switches from the central office, for Burlington Railroad.
9.	For Burlington Railroad, Bloomington, Illinois - Diagnosed and supervised the repair of General Electric machine to run a car-wheel grinder.  GE's engineers couldn't repair the machine after a week of effort.  I was called in, solved all the problems, and restored operations to perfect working order in 45 minutes.

10. Designed the sound system for Wheaton Drama Club Theater in Wheaton, Illinois. 11. Designed most of the diagnostic equipment for Western Electric switchboards. 12. Design Engineering Consultant for the phone system for Disney World, Orlando.

Thank you for this opportunity to preserve the history of some of my work. I have always been pleased to be a member of IEEE. I am honored.