context of the milestone

Thank you for your comments.

Croatia Section initiated this nomination and the current Section Chair, Igor Kuzle, is one of the nominators of this Milestone. I will additionally ask him to upload a letter of support from the Section.

I advise against changing "until World War I" to "until 1914" on the citation, as that would leave the audience with less context. At that time, the power plant was shut down and some of its metals re-melted as ammunition. However, Šibenik did not remain without electricity, the city and the region remained powered from another nearby plant.

The text you quoted is indeed the proposed citation:

Title: Krka-Šibenik Electric Power System

Citation: On 28 August 1895 electricity generated at this location was transmitted to the city of Šibenik, where six power transformers supplied a large number of street lamps. This early system of power generation, transmission and distribution was one of the first complete multiphase alternating current systems in the world and it remained in operation until World War I.

Note: the plaque would be posted at the power plant location inside the Krka National Park, hence "at this location" in the text. For more information please click (and select English) and/or The approximate location is seen on one of the photos on the wikipedia page, as well as photos uploaded to this page.

Marko Delimar, 12 December 2012, 13 December 2012