I support this milestone, but suggest the following re-wording of the citation:

At this location on 28 August 1895, the Krka hydroelectric plant began generating power for the city of Šibenik. This early system of power generation, transmission and distribution was one of the first complete multiphase alternating current systems in the world. It provided electric street lighting before many other European cities, including London and Rome. It remained in operation until World War I.

The first change was prompted by a desire to remove the passive voice (was transmitted). The second change was prompted by trying to eliminate the vague "a large number of" and provide comparative context (how did Sibenik compare with other large European cities). I took the information from the National Park web link provided. Please have someone with detailed knowledge of this site verify accuracy of my changes.

Allisonmarsh15:13, 5 March 2013

I full concur with the above comment, especially for the comparison with actual, well known cities. I support the proposal.

Fiorenza19:04, 5 March 2013

Thank you very much for your support and proposed wording.

Unfortunately I am not sure the proposed change is the best choice. The change in the first proposed sentence slightly changes the focus of the milestone and I do not believe the third sentence to be true.

There were several cities in Europe that had (some form of) electric street lighting prior to 1895. The city of Rijeka, for example, as early as 1884 for the premiere of Aida (needs verification). Rome, as another example, had a single-phase system (from the same manufacturer) before Šibenik was electrified.

The point of this milestone is to recognise the complete power system: its power generation, transmission (from the plant to the city), voltage transformation (six transformers in the city), distribution (within the city, after the voltage transformation), and consumption (street lamps).

Just a note: today’s modern power systems are multiphase alternating current systems (although with a different number of phases and different frequencies from the 1895 Krka-Šibenik system).

Thank you,

Marko Delimar, 7 March 2013