Additional source for ancient Greek and Roman history of the abacus

Additional materials on abacus history, addressing its Ancient Greek, and Roman origins:

Netz, Reviel (2002). Counter Culture: Towards a History of Greek Numeracy. History of Science, vol. 40, p.321-352. (page 325 describes the Ancient Greek use of the abacus, including a third-century B.C. abacus found in Cyprus)

Ryerson, “A Brief History of the Abacus” (includes image and description of the Salamis Tablet dating from 300 BC.)

Salamis Tablet

Stephenson, Steve, “Ancient Computers” page on the IEEE Global History Network (Addresses the possibility that the abacus traveled from Rome to China via trade on the Silk Road)

Stephenson, Steve, “The Roman Hand Abacus”

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Is there a strong enough connection between the milestone and the location of the plaque?

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I support the milestone and in particular Lyle's citation improvements. As Lise suggests, a stronger statement to plaque location is needed.

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