We agree that LPC (Liner Predictive Coding), as a fundamental , has had a great impact on the of speech-related technologies, including , enhancement, coding, recognition and synthesis. LPC is based on a framework of and was first applied to speech signal by Dr. B. S. Atal and Dr. F. Itakura independently [1]. Lots of practical variations and extensions of LPC have been invented and some of them have been applied to proprietary commercial products in individual markets. LSP is one of the inventions based on LPC, but it is special because it has been commonly adopted in digital communications systems ( and phones) and has been used by billions of users around the world. Experts think LSP will be continuously used well into the future. LSP was born and brought up by many researches in the community. It is worthwhile that great contributions from the community are widely recognized by all users.

[1] B. S. Atal, “The History of Linear Prediction”, , pp. 154-157, MARCH 2006.

Takehiro Moriya04:30, 8 August 2013