Possible rewording of plaque

Is the fact that Sanders Associates is now BAE systems essential to the plaque or can it be stated in the backup material only?

Would a date by "Magnavox Odyssey game system (1971) give more context to why there are multiple brand in the citation as it would show some passage of time?

In the background info it is stated that "Baer started development of the "Brown Box" console video game system and several other prototypes in 1966" in this plaque you show dates of 1967 to 1968. Should this apparent inconsistency be changed or was it intentional?

Groundbreaking and pioneering are synonyms in this context, consider using just one.

Should it be mentioned under the "ordinary home television set" portion that the box was made available to the public in 1972?

Perhaps "spawned the commercialization of interactive video games" rather than "entertainment" would be a more precise wording.

Lise Johnston18:31, 17 April 2014