Milestone review 27 March 2013 [ Burger]

18 April 2013 Dear Mr. David E. Burger

We are sorry for our late reply. In reply to your questions on Milestone review of 27 March 2013. Please find the following our answers.

	1. Milestone costs disbursement: The proposer could bear the cost of the dedication ceremony in Japan, if the costing details are clarified. We learned Mr. Robert Colburm is in the know of such matter. Could you please help us get such costing info.
	2. Responsibility around the award ceremony organsiation: It rests IEEE Tokyo Section.
	3. If there is any specific monitoring planned for the proposed Milestone plaque by an IEEE entity: Yes, planned at IEEE Tokyo Section.
	4. A letter from the owner authorising permission to place the Milestone plaque at the proposed location: Although we applied the data (including the Letter of Site Owner) in our inputting for Milestone Application, we understood that there was some system trouble due to the program updating during early February 2013 and as a result, our data of Letter of Site Owner seemed lost. We attach herewith the requested application data (the Letter of Site Owner).
	5. Advice from the Tokyo Section Chair / Council (whichever is approriate here) supporting the Milestone proposal: By the same reason stated above, the Letter of Tokyo Section Chair was lost from the application data. We attach herewith the same as well as References and Supporting Materials (included in the application data) for your further action.

Yours sincerely

Toshihisa Funabashi Meidensha Corporation

Funabashi-toshi00:57, 18 April 2013