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It might be helpful to English speaking readers to add to the list of references the English translation of the collected Memoirs, Letters and Diaries of Heinrich Hertz by Joanna Hertz, to include the later English Translation published in USA in 1977 (translation by L. Brinner, M. Hertz and C. Susskind) ISBN 0-911302-35-2

This book has the German text and the English translation printed side-by-side, allowing a direct comparison of the original and the translation, which seems to me useful for readers with a limited knowledge of German, not sufficient to read the German version unaided.

Tony Davies 2014 Jan 21st

Tonydavies16:29, 21 January 2014

Thank you for your improving suggestion. We fully agree with it. Could you kindly give us the English title of this trnslation from 1977. We could not find it fromn the ISBN.

Dieter Mlynski17:15, 26 January 2014

Dieter, the title is:

Heinrich Hertz: Memoirs, Letters Diaries / Heinrich Hertz: Erinnerungen, Briefe, Tagebücher (English and German Edition)

If you click on the ISBN link, it will allow you to click on various book vendors (I used and will take you to the book page on those sites, for example

Administrator417:04, 27 February 2014

I support the milestone.

Djkemp12:04, 8 March 2014