Advocate Approval

This proposed IEEE Milestone marks a significant step in character encoding and the platform for subsequent character encoding as documented in the cited references. It is ready for consideration by the IEEE History Committee upon filing of the signed permission statement from AT&T for placement of the Milestone Plaque. (The draft statement has been provided.)

Tbickart18:20, 6 March 2014

I agree it is a worthy proposal, but why house the milestone at AT&T? The ASCII code may have been come out of earlier telegraph codes, but it was developed by a standards body. Why not at the standards org. hdqtrs?

Mischaschwartz15:49, 7 July 2014

ASCII code is a great technology achievement. But (without thorough research) I thought it was standardized by NIST rather than AT&T. AT&T might be a significant contributor to the standards, but taking whole credit might not be appropriate.

Sherwoodluo15:55, 29 July 2014